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Square Enix’s Blockchain and AI Focus – Doubling down on these technologies in 2024

NFTSquare Enix's Blockchain and AI Focus - Doubling down on these technologies in 2024

Square Enix, a well-known multimedia entertainment company, is making a significant strategic shift in 2024, focusing heavily on the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and Web 3.0 technologies into its operations. This decision reflects the company’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological innovation in the gaming industry.

Takashi Kiryu, the President of Square Enix, has outlined the company’s ambitious plans in a New Year’s letter, emphasizing their intent to aggressively apply AI and other cutting-edge technologies to enhance their content development and publishing functions. Square Enix is particularly interested in generative AI technologies like ChatGPT, which have moved beyond academic debate and are now seen as tools that can fundamentally change the creation process, including programming.

The company has also expressed its commitment to blockchain entertainment and Web 3.0. Despite some skepticism within the gaming community about the addition of blockchain technology to games, Square Enix is exploring its potential for creating new forms of content that fuse the real and virtual worlds. This approach includes their involvement in nonfungible token-based projects, with “Symbiogenesis” being a notable example launched in December 2023.

Square Enix’s focus on these technologies is part of a broader strategy to strengthen its digital entertainment business, aiming to enhance development productivity, sophistication in marketing efforts, and ultimately, create new forms of content for consumers. This shift also involves redefining their overarching mission and goals in these fields and modifying their organizational structure to support these new technological pursuits.

This move by Square Enix indicates a transformative phase in the gaming industry, where traditional video game developers and publishers are increasingly embracing AI, blockchain, and Web 3.0 technologies to innovate and create more immersive and engaging gaming experiences​​​​​​​​​​.

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