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CoinDCX’s Response to Fraud Allegations – Addressing complaints against a scam app sharing its name

BitcoinCoinDCX's Response to Fraud Allegations - Addressing complaints against a scam app sharing its name

CoinDCX, a leading Indian cryptocurrency exchange, recently faced allegations of fraud linked to its platform. However, the company has clarified that these allegations are related to a scam involving a fake app impersonating CoinDCX, not their official app or website. This clarification comes after the Delhi Police initiated an investigation following several complaints from users about bank fraud related to this counterfeit app.

Victims of the fraudulent app reported being asked to pay additional funds when attempting to withdraw their crypto investments. CoinDCX emphasized that their genuine platform remains secure against such fraudulent activities and reassured users about the safety and integrity of their official app and website. The exchange highlighted the importance of user vigilance against fake websites and URLs that mimic legitimate financial apps to deceive users.

CoinDCX has taken proactive measures to combat these threats, including reporting suspicious activities to the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) and educating users on potential scams. The company remains committed to maintaining high security standards to protect its users from digital fraud and security breaches​​​​​​.

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