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What is Ethersmart and how does it work?

Ethersmart released a video that their project manager Bill Ray explaining everything about Ethersmart.

Bill Ray, live from Ethersmart’s HQ

In this video, Bill will show Ethermart investors what is Ethersmart and how does it work.

Backed by a professional and experienced trading team, Ethersmart introduces Forex Trading Investment Fund. A HighEnd technology Investing platform for Investors of Blockchain-Era. The Ethersmart platform is using Blockchain technology to bring transparency and safety for Investors.

Here is how to start investing:

• Investors exchange cryptos to ETM token. Five cryptos are accepted (BTC, ETH, XRP, BNB, and USDT)

• After that, they can use ETM token to invest in the Ethersmart Platform, and the value is in USD with the converting rate of ETM at that moment.

• The Ethersmart Investing Fund supplies our Forex Trading team, the Team guarantees the funds and making profits by trading on Forex Exchanges from Monday to Friday.

• The platform automatically scans and pays interest in the next working day.

• Commissions are paid in ETM with the conversion rate at that time.

• ETM token then can be used on ETM Eco-system, reinvesting or withdraw to personal wallets.

How does Ethersmart work?

Ethersmart investor will learn about Ethersmart Vision and Goals from its Project Manager.

You can watch the full video here: https://youtu.be/Ov478o82OPg

Remember, Smarter investing — Brighter future!


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