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Skywallet mobile app review

Skywallet just announced that their first mobile app is just around the corner. I am, lucky enough to be chosen as their beta tester and throughout this article, I’ll try to give you an overall view of this project.

First of all, what is Skywallet? Skywallet is a mobile multi-coin wallet, which is support most of the biggest chains on the market. Their goal is to simplify the crypto, bring blockchain to everybody.

Interface Design and Customization:

My first impression of Skywallet was its very friendly User Interface. As Skywallet’s team said, they will make the wallet that everyone can use, making a huge adoption of the blockchain technology. Sky wallet’s UI was made for that purpose, everything is familiar and easy to understand as you already know it for a long time. The color is just so nice, very simply and modern color theme they have here. It makes people feels trustable and calm while using the App. The design is very slick. I think Skywallet put a lot of effort to understand their customers and it pay out nicely, I can use the App for hours and still feel very comfortable.

Security and setup:

Start setting up my wallet is simple, not half as hard as other “hardcore” wallets. All you have to do is to choose your username, your password and done. All kind of crypto wallet address, public key, private key, the worse newbie’s nightmare is gone. Your account is your universal key to all your crypto. To keep your wallet safe, bind it with your email address, enable 2FA Security and you are ready to start your journey to the blockchain world.

Sky team still stick to their mindset, quick, easy and simply for all kind of users which is key to mass adoption and they’re doing it right. Who is in charge family’s budget? Of course not a high tech husband but an original wife-house, not all but most of the time. What if my grandma can buy crypto via Skywallet? Jack-pot! All of their saving money may be converted to crypto, and they’ve been saving that for 50 years, that’s a lot of money if you ask me.


Skywallet does not require KYC unless you are withdrawing big amount.

All your KYC information is safe with their top tier securities technology. They will be confirming by AI then be encrypted so no human can reach, everything will be done by AI.

Send and Receive:

There are 2 type of transactions on Skywallet, on-chain and off-chain transaction.

On-chain transaction is work as normal blockchain transaction with very low fee which is supported by crypto investing Funds. The QR code function make it even easier to send transactions.

Off-chain transaction are transactions between Skywallet accounts in an instant with literally zero fee. You can use Skywallet Account ID or email address to send and receive crypto.


Skywallet is a real deal, a multicoin wallet which is safe and simple enough for anyone to use, daily. Not just all coins in one wallet but it has all the feature you have ever needed for a crypto wallet. If you are not a hardcore crypto fan then Skywallet is the only wallet you need to install on your phone. Check out for more information at


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