Interviewed by Nasdaq, CoinTiger’s Official Exposure to Investors

Interviewed by Nasdaq, CoinTiger's Official Exposure to Investors 101

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Invited by the blockchain-based entertainment and ATMs project NativeCoin(N8V), CoinTiger and N8V were jointly interviewed by Nasdaq. Leslie, Listing Director of CoinTiger, introduced CoinTiger and epitomized the advantages of the ‘Unicorn Booster Program’ during the interview.

During the journey to New York, CoinTiger was also invited to partake in the promotional video filming of N8V token. N8V has been selected into Unicorn Booster Program in December 2019, after it was listed on CoinTiger. N8V is a diversified currency that can be specifically used for hotels, convenience stores, and resorts, and has been adopted by a large number of physical merchants which caught NASDAQ’s attention.

In the interview, Ms. Leslie said: “CoinTiger has always been committed to exploring and supporting high-quality blockchain projects, and implement comprehensive support for high-quality listed projects in both the primary and secondary markets. The Unicorn Booster Program is dedicated to providing reliable support for blockchain projects that performed excellently in the secondary market. N8V, as a CoinTiger listed asset, did well in many aspects such as the liquidity in the market, community activeness, and the expansion of its business ecosystem. Therefore, we intended to precede more funds from external institutions for additional support to N8V’s liquidity in the secondary market “.

Interviewed by Nasdaq, CoinTiger's Official Exposure to Investors 102

CoinTiger is the first crypto exchange to introduce an equity mechanism with its native TigerCash (TCH) token (equity mechanism details here). Currently, CoinTiger has listed 130+ tokens and users stood at more than 3 million across 150 with the ratio of 34% Chinese users and 66% international users which shows that the listed tokens are evenly distributed around the globe.

CoinTiger’s ecosystem now includes Labs, Eco Fund (Project incubation), and services such as coin-to-coin exchange, fiat & contract trading, and investment products. To provide the best services CoinTiger could, CoinTiger came up with the Unicorn Booster Program and Liquidity Alliance plan benefiting exceptional blockchain projects.

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