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ETMJackpot, a smart move from Ethersmart.

25th April 2020, the most anticipated online lottery website has been launched: www.ETMJackpot.com
As a member of the Ethersmart ecosystem (ETM), ETMJackpot is expected to achieve as much success as its predecessor, ETMBet — the application is on its way to becoming one of the largest betting sites.
Let’s take a look at the reasons why ETMJackpot is expected to become a new online lottery force!

  1. The Lottery market is always very attractive!
Ethersmart Project Manager Bill Ray

As Project Manage Bill Ray once said: “In America, a person became a billionaire in one night after winning Mega Millions and receiving 1.6 billion dollars. And thousands of people won several hundred million dollar prizes. This really is a desirable activity for the global market “. We can see how beautiful the lottery market is!


2. ETMJackpot is designed with Blockchain Technology!
As a member of the Ethersmart ecosystem, ETMJackpot is of course built on the most advanced Blockchain platform. The great benefits that Blockchain brings are undisputed, the most prominent of which is transparency and cannot be manipulated. The most important things to build a thriving online lottery community!

3. The steady development of the Ethersmart community
Ethersmart’s user community is growing day by day and gradually expanding strongly globally. The most evident evidence for this development is the substantial price increase of ETM tokens and its widespread popularity.

You can watch a tutorial video from Ethersmart Project Manager Bill Ray here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMv7ukW8QBU


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